Buller Empowerment

Leadership, Transition & Team Coaching



TWhy Teams Partner with BE? Energy Leadership team development brings about a visible difference for you and your team. The process is simple, yet transformational and creates successful results in 100% of
the teams with whom we have collaborated. At the core of this success
is shifting each individual’s engagement level and commitment to the team, which in turn creates a new openness and team feel – thereby transforming the team. The workshop then becomes the ideal forum to forge – in the moment – the beginnings of strengthened team dynamics and culture. At the end of this 6-week process, which culminates in an experiential workshop, teams walk out stronger, more aligned, and engaged with clarity on their next steps.


Who has BE Partnered with for Team Development & Workshops? Teams include: Management, Leadership and Executive; Pharmaceutical Science; Sales & Marketing; Global/Multi-Locations; Medical Practice; Research & Development; Business Management; Business Operations

BE’s Clients have held scientific, technical, leadership/management, human resources, marketing, and creative positions in industries including: Pharmaceutical (Pfizer Inc., Boehringer-Ingelheim, Merck), Technical (UTC, IBM), Consumer Products & Services (Reebok, Sun Products, Kimberly Clark, APC by Schneider Electric, JWH Design & Cabinetry), Financial Services & Insurance (Discovery Financial Services, The Hartford).